Ario is a sleep- and attention-monitoring system designed for heavy duty commercial vehicles such as trucks and coaches.

Ario is a hardware- and telematics-system which monitors the attention of the driver. The system measures the number of steering correction a driver makes and determines how attentive he is. When Ario notices that the driver is not paying attention to the road or is falling asleep, he will warn him by a visual and auditive signal. This way, accidents can be prevented. Furthermore, Ario records all data, which allows you to use this information to optimize your planning.

Suivo offers hardware and telematica to automate and optimize the processes in your company.

  • Through time registration,  you can access drive- and working times of your drivers in great detail. Furthermore, the digital tachograph also offers the possibility to download data from a distance.
  • Through our driving behaviour analysis, you can not only improve you planning but also save costs. The driving style can be monitored at the office, but also real time in the vehicle itself.
  • Track & trace provides you with an overview of the location of each of your vehicles. This way, you don’t have to bother your drivers. Based on the locations, you can immediatly detect problems and handle quickly in unexpected situations.

Engine is an easy-to-use ERP-system that simplifies your administration.

The ERP-system also integrates all your hardware and telematics into the system. The system consists of a modular architecture, so it can be entirely adapted to your company’s specific needs. Due to the complete integration of the modules with the hardware- and telematics-systems, Engine can save you a huge amount of time in your operational processes. is an online bookingsystem that brings you closer to the customer.

In the near future, BusOnline will be offering an online booking platform. Instead of having to call three or four different bus companies, customers can find the offer of available buses online. On the platform, they can compare the available buses, not only based on price but also on distinctive features. After the bus trip, the customer can leave his opinion about the bus and give a rating. This way, your company is not obligated anymore to compete almost only on price, but can diversify itself through the facilities it offers in each bus. Furthermore, an automatic price calculator computes the price for each of your buses. There’s no need to write price quotation, which also saves you time.

Linxs offers a compact 4G- and WiFi-router that gives travelers the possibility to connect to the internet.

You can choose to personalize, which allows travelers to connect to the internet on your terms. This way, your clients receive an additional luxury. Furthermore, you can map the WiFi-use of your clients, which data might be interesting to use as a base for future marketing- and customer- campaigns.

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