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How much time do you spend on making price quotations

This activity takes a lot of your precious time. The EPR-system of BusOnline automates this process for you. This saves you time and gives us the opportunity to guarantee a very short payback period.

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Are you tired of having to enter the same data over and over again?

BusOnline ERP-system makes this redundant by integrating all different modules with each other. You only have to fill in new data once into the ERP-system. By also using the supporting BusOnline hardware- and telematic systems, a lot of data input also happens automatically by data that is collected through those systems.

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Is your desk also buried in paperwork?

BusOnline offers a very simple system to store your documents in which manual data-input as well as storing received documents are supported. The entire system is cloud-based, which means your data will always be stored safely.

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Do you want to generate more revenue by optimizing your planning?

BusOnline offers not only a user-friendly ERP-system, but also hardware and telematics. This way, you gather huge amounts of real time data about your vehicles and drivers, which can be easily used to optimize your day to day operations.

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De Zigeuner already took the leap to work with us and digitalize their operational processes

“Our company always tries to move forward. We believe digitalisation is the future, especially because the amount of administrative tasks keeps rising in our industry. That’s why we decided to partner with BusOnline. As a all-in-one partner in digitalisation, our collaboration with BusOnline will save us a lot fo time and optimize the customer experience.”

–   JanVan Heusden

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